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Jeffrey Calhoun Carter, A.B., J.D.

45 Rockefeller Plaza Suite 2000  NY NY 10111

269 S.Beverly Dr. Ste 678 Beverly Hills 90212  

 Philadelphia       Washington, D.C.




The Aquidneck Group: The Aquidneck Inquirer; The Aquidneck Inquirer Channel on YouTube; Speaking Engagements - History/Politics/Current Events/More; Publishing; Entertainment; Education; History; Film and Television Production

The Global Mediation Group: Providing expert Mediation and Ombudsman Services for Individuals and Entities of All Kinds

The Nantucket Group: Providing consultation for Individuals and Entities of All Kinds on Business, Political Campaigns & Related Matters, Strategic and Advertising/Marketing Matters



Providing consultation and advice on Litigation, Transactional, Corporate, Internal Governance Issues, and Ethics.

 Jeffrey Calhoun Carter, Esq. (Brown, A.B.); (Columbia, J.D.) 

Member: Bars of New York State; Commonwealth of Pennsylvania; State of California; United States District Courts: Southern District of New York and other USDC's in New York State; Central District of California; Association of The Bar of The City of New York; New York State Bar Association

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